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I-Profile Analysis

Developed exclusively by Open Source Management and its founding partner Paolo Ruggeri, the I-Profile Analysis test was piloted for four years, by conducting over 150,000 analyses of managers, business partners, sales people and other personnel, before launching onto the general market.


OSM International Group is helping companies around the world expand their business operations in new countries.


Nowadays, within a company, human capital can be described as a combination of the following factors

HR Management

The analysis methods developed by OSM International Group contains 242 questions designed to reveal the character strengths and weaknesses of a candidate’s personality. These questions can be answered with the multiple choice answers such as “Yes” “Maybe” or “No”.

Management Consulting

Full analysis of the human capital in the company

Financial Analysis

During the phase of Financial Analysis we will closely observe the financial correlations detected with all the other factors we will be analyzing. A company is a very fine instrument that needs a close and continuous observation in order o function properly.

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