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Sales Training in Romania

Join us on the 20th April to the 21st April 2018




Habitat Office Building Iasi.



OSM Sales Training

The duration of this course is two consecutive days.

The sales course is aimed at anyone who has anything to do with sales. Oddly enough, even people who are not actual salespeople, reap great advantages from participating in this course. In truth, each of us is, at heart, a salesperson. Some of us sell products or services, but many of us sell ideas. Open Source Management, to prepare this course, has researched the basics of sales by studying the super star salespeople, those who sold 10 or even 20 times above average in their sector.

The course contains revolutionary information showing how the common ideas regarding sales are confused or wrong. The course is taught by a teacher with a great sales experience. After participating in this basic sales course, selling becomes much more simple and effortless.

The course deals with concepts such as the difference in attitudes between a mediocre salesperson and a superstar, the Warm Up, the Inverted Pyramid, the purchasing decisions of customers, the “psychological condition of having” and how to influence it.

In the case where the intervention you’re planning is for a sales team, it is recommended that you first have the entrepreneur or the sales manager of the company participate at this intercompany course, and then, once having completed the course, plan with them to teach these concepts to their salespeople with a series of interventions delivered within the company on ten different days for the duration of a year.

People who attended this course testified the following:

–          Increase in sales

–          Increase in closing percentage

–          Being relaxed selling having understood the basics behind it and experiencing much less stress

–          Building better relationship with customers

–          Being able to sell much more to existing customers.

Note: This training can be delivered also in the company and, in this case, it is charged per day.

Habitat Office Building Iasi.