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Leadership in Bulgaria

Join us on the 15th/16th February


1200 LV


SOfia, Hotel Best Western Premier Sofia



OSM Leadership Training

During this two days training, we teach the owner the following concepts:

  • That he is the Cause of the behavior and productivity of his people
  • That he has to maintain a positive emotional attitude and energize people rather than putting them down
  • The key factors that people want in order to be motivated: praise, involvement in the company and genuine care for their well being. These three factors take precedence in building positive motivation over money, job security, promotion etc.
  • How to manage his time in order to be effective and be able to do the things that are important and will make the difference for his company rather than being constantly overworked and ineffective
  • What are the Leadership characteristics and how to develop them in oneself. How to be better at asking, at getting and at motivating
  • How to improve people, how to correct people who make mistakes or are demotivated, how to develop good managers for the company
  • How to make goals come true.
  • He is going to be coached and made strong on any of the above points.
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Happy customers.

Lazar Radkov

Hi Paolo, since your workshop in Sofia I wanted to write to you and just say ‘Thank you!’ Well, it obviously took some time because I procastinated it like a pro 🙂  I would like to give you some feedback about the workshop: I think it was phenomenal! Words cannot explain how much I enjoyed it. I have been to a lot of events but I cannot remember a presenter so passionate and so in love with what his is doing. I really enjoyed the fact that we have similar values and that you give everything you know and do not hold anything back. I would like to admit something else as well – I attended your workshop as a guest of one of the partners of the event. SO it was a free lunch for me and we all know that when you do not pay – you do not pay attention. I have acquired a lot of things for free in my life and I have valued almost none of them. Well, this time that was not the case! I was paying attention every single second, and I was also taking notes. I never take notes because I always try to pay more attention. This time it was completely different! I definitely wanted to write down some of the thing you were teaching. And have already started to apply them … and well, more time is needed for a plant to grow but some of your advices are already giving preliminary results. So .. thank you one more time, Paolo. You are doing great job and I think you are a great guy. That is all I wanted to share with you for now. I wish you ALL the best and keep up the GREAT work!