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Guru Jobs

Screen candidates with our innovative AI system

Artificial Intelligence system

An Artificial Intelligence system quizzes candidates in order to identify the very best. It then prepares a ranking of every candidate who has applied for the position. In a very short time, it is possible to easily identify which candidates should be invited for an interview, without having to analyze dozens of CVs or waste hours on the phone.

This innovative AI system is used in collaboration with the I-Profile® Analysis: the exclusive OSM evaluation system that evaluates the ten main ingredients needed to determine the productivity of an individual according to their role within the company


The right person for the right role

Our system not only considers technical skills and competencies but also the more human and personal aspects of each individual, as well as their potential for growth in the medium to long term. Thanks to this rigorous procedure, refined over more than 20 years of  experience, we are able to ensure that the right people are placed in the right roles.


The added value? Maintaining constant recruitment

We have decided to make all of this available to our best customers so that they can be autonomous in their constant recruitment of staff.

Personalized Page

Each Company will have their own personalized page and specific link to share with all their candidates

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