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Happy customers.
I have been using I-Profile for several years with countless benefits and great results for my group of restaurants. I have used it with current employees working in managerial and strategic positions within the company and the results helped us grow our team whilst in other cases to make the decision of letting people go. More recently, I started using I-Profile also in the hiring process, for any position in the FOH and that request to be in contact with the public.  The results of the test help our HR department in the interview process, asking the correct questions, addressing certain issues and eventually screening the candidates that do not fit our company culture. It is an incredibly useful tool; I would recommend I-Profile to any company.
Graziano Sbroggio

President of Graspa Group

“I think that the secret of the companies sucess depends on constant recruitment, therefore companies that don’t do it become weak and don’t expand. There is a technology that helps the the entrepreneurs not to waste their time by training the wrong  people but helps thm to recruit the right personnel and this is what makes the difference.  I use the I-Profile Analisys in my company and I introduce it to all my clients… the results are extraordinary! I  warmly suggest to try the I-Profile Analysis to everyone.  Thank you OSM International Group for this amazing tool!!!”
Andrea Adinolfi