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How do I refer a candidate to I-Profile

The analysis methods developed by OSM International Group contains 242 questions designed to reveal the character strengths and weaknesses of a candidate’s personality. These questions can be answered with the multiple choice answers such as “Yes” “Maybe” or “No”.

After reviewing various applications, you select the most promising candidates to take the test, and either provide them with a paper copy or direct them to the site. Once completed, the test is evaluated within 48 hours and sent to your consultant who explains the results to you and the strategy we will be working on.

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Note to Clients


When a client accepts the I-Profile Test we, Open Source Management, are committing ourselves to a long term relationship with them. Additional activities and services that we provide to our clients (optional):



What is the methodology behind I-Profile? Is it always conducted online and how long does each exercise take?

The methodology behind the test is to have a better understanding of how a candidate or internal employee responds to his or her external environment as it relates to work and everyday life activities. The test can be conducted online or on paper (which we then enter into the online program ourselves) and it usually takes 20-30 minutes.

How does I-Profile identify the right sort of people to employ, and what core characteristics does it help to show?

The “core characteristics” depend on the position being tested, typically their ability to cope with stress/pressure, ability to stay motivated and to motivate others, and the ability to be persuasive with others and create positive change around them.

Additionally, during the interview process with the new potential candidates and/or internal employees, the I-Profile test triggers the mind of an individual to tell us more about themselves. The test also helps to understand the professional story of the CV/Resume (i.e. change in profession, success rate, leadership capabilities, and assertiveness to complete the job).

Our consulting company aligns our recruitment strategy to the needs of the client. The purpose of aligning strategies is to understand the client’s overall business goals going forward. This is also very important as we help to bring in the right personnel into a company.

What does the analysis reveal in broad terms and how does this narrow down the selection of employees? Does analysis apply only to sales staff or would it help with installation and workshop personnel?

The analysis is used, in the broadest sense, to identify character strengths and weaknesses, so a company can determine how much it will potentially “cost” to improve that person’s weaknesses if they have any. When that cost outweighs the benefit of hiring the person, then it is clear that they are not the best option. Having a test that clearly illustrates this is also valuable in determining whether that person is willing to acknowledge their short comings and work towards improvement. This kind of information is valuable for any position within a company, not just sales.

Also, the test gages the stability of an individual. Again, once we understand the personality of an individual and their work experience, we then can understand what questions to ask that will enhance the interview process and procure the underlying problems or successes of a candidate or current employee.