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OSM International Group is a USA based, management consulting company.

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The concept of our company name is synonymous of “Available Access”. Open Source Management operates in the management consulting business sector for more than 25 years by identifying winning & strategic actions and making them available to companies in an effective and practical way. Today we are a USA based, global consulting company, with existing offices in Europe, Latin America and Asia, offering unique analysing tools and supportive development mechanisms with proven results that can sustainably improve any kind of business operations around the World, no matter the market, the economy conditions or the business cycles.

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I-Profile Analysis

OSM, in collaboration with founding partner Paolo Ruggeri, created the I-Profile Analysis test, exclusively developed and piloted for four years. With over 150,000 analyses conducted on managers, business partners, salespeople, and personnel, the test was perfected before its successful launch onto the general market.


OSM International Group facilitates global business expansion, supporting companies in venturing into new countries. We specialize in providing strategic guidance and practical solutions for seamless international growth. With our expertise, companies can confidently navigate new markets and unlock their global potential.


In the dynamic world of business today, human capital is the fusion of employees' skills, intellectual capabilities, and unwavering motivation, which collectively drive the achievement of organizational objectives. This powerful synthesis empowers companies to adapt in a rapidly evolving market.

HR Management

The analysis methods developed by OSM International Group contains 242 questions designed to reveal the character strengths and weaknesses of a candidate's personality. These questions can be answered with the multiple choice answers such as “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No”.

Management Consulting

A comprehensive analysis of the company's human capital provides invaluable insights into employees' skills, potential, and overall contribution to the organization's success. This assessment informs strategic decisions for a continuous improvement.

Financial Analysis

During the phase of Financial Analysis we will closely observe the financial correlations detected with all the other factors we will be analyzing. A company is a very fine instrument that needs a close and continuous observation in order o function properly.

Guru Jobs

An Artificial Intelligence system quizzes candidates in order to identify the very best. It then prepares a ranking of every candidate who has applied for the position. In a very short time, it is possible to easily identify which candidates should be invited for an interview, without having to analyze dozens of CVs or waste hours on the phone.


Happy customers

Lazar Radkov

“Paolo's workshop in Sofia was phenomenal! His passion and love for what he does are truly inspiring. I attended as a guest, but I paid full attention and took notes - something I rarely do. His valuable advice is already showing preliminary results. Thank you, Paolo, for the great job you're doing. Best wishes and keep up the amazing work!”

Eduardo Ruah

“Dear Paolo Wanted to thank You for the inspiring speech last Friday in Hotel Vip Arts in Lisbon. You are an amazing speaker full of enthusiasm and keeping your audience hungry for more. Great Talent! But I wanted to thank You for the book you offered me and for keep making this place a better world for people to develop their potential.”

Graziano Sbroggio

“I have been using I-Profile for several years with countless benefits and great results for my restaurants and its results helped us grow our team whilst in other cases to make the decision of letting people go. I started using I-Profile also in the hiring process and for any position in the FOH. It's an incredibly useful tool and I would recommend it to any company.”

Andrea Adinolfi

“I think that the secret of the companies sucess depends on constant recruitment, therefore companies that don't do it become weak and don't expand. There is a technology that helps to recruit the right personnel and this makes the difference. I use the I-Profile Analisys in my company and the results are extraordinary! I warmly suggest it to everyone.”


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