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Full Analysis of human capital in the company

During this step everyone in the company takes the I-Profile Analysis, starting with the owner or CEO.

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Using the I-Profile Analysis, we are able to do several actions

a) Understand points of strengths and weaknesses of every person in the company, starting with the managers who head specific departments.

b) Interview every individual who has taken the analysis to show them their points of strength and weakness and give them exact steps and instructions to improve their productivity.

c) After all of these meetings, we sit down with the business owner and we debrief them on what was discovered through the analysis and the interviews

Leadership Improvement

At OSM we firmly believe that difficulties within a company often start from the top. It is therefore of the utmost importance to help the CEO adopt certain attitudes and behaviors that will help them tremendously in people productivity. We do that through five key trainings that are specifically for the owner and/or key managers

Working with peolple in the Company

This step is done concurrently with Step 2 (working with the CEO/owner of the company). So far we have discovered the strengths and weaknesses of the people within the company, we have enacted some personal changes to make the company more effective, and we have also begun to improve the motivation and management style of the owner. While this last activity is being done, we also have to work with the key managers of the company to make them more effective so they can support the owner and make a difference.

Recruitment of High potential individuals

Our belief at OSM is that if you want a company to grow, you must hire exceptional individuals.

Often they are not the highest paid exclusive top managers, but rather the people who can embrace the dream of the company and pursue it with the same enthusiasm shared by the CEO and the Business Owners.

At OSM we believe that you should hire for personality and train for competence, that means that you should hire people with great character and integrity, people who easily get excited, people with a great level responsibility and THEN you should train them technically to be successful in their career. If you do the reverse – hire very skilled people, but who are lacking in character, responsibility, integrity or excitement – you’ll have a real hard time managing and expanding your company.

When you populate your company with new people who have great character, the whole company will “magically” start to embrace a faster pace and everybody will feel re-energized and rejuvenated. On the other hand, if the company has zero turnover, soon all the employees will fall into a comfort zone and become less productive.

Support and strategic growth services

After having helped a company or a business owner with the 4 steps above, normally the company will be turned around and very productive. The business owner will have delegated many of their tasks and will be concentrated on driving more expansion or even on enjoying life while the company is managed effectively by somebody else.

They may, however, still request the services of OSM to organize sales meetings, for additional follow up trainings and recruitments, and even simply to check on how people are doing from time to time. They may also occasionally need additional services beyond our usual scope of improvement courses, such as Financial Management, Marketing services, or Internationalization services.

All the above services are sold based on a project that is built specifically for that customer and the prices vary based on the effort and investment required by OSM.